Friday, August 24, 2012

Theory of Knowledge

What theory of knowledge do you agree with? Do you think Socrates theory that all  knowledge is innate and that through reasoning we can access knowledge or John Locke's theory that the mind is a blank slate and we access knowledge through experience? Please tell me why you feel this way and use examples to support your reasoning. One of your reasons has to be supported with scripture.

If you are interested in a read, here is the Wikipedia site on the plan crash in the Andes Mountains we talked about in class on Friday!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Blog Introduction

This blog will be dedicated to the responses of the students in my psychology class. I hope that you use it and jump on board because it is a large part of your grade. You will have to respond weekly to a question that I post about a topic we have been discussing in class. Your response will be graded for content, correct grammar, and spelling.  I can tell when you write junk, copy and paste from the internet, or just repeat what I have already said in class. I want to hear your thoughts and opinions not mine or someone else.

How to get started..... 

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